I am your virus… 

“I shall crawl under your skin, you will be the world I live in,

Every word and every thought, every fear, desire sought,

You shall feel me sitting there, you will know and be aware,

I am the virus in your blood, tangled thoughts unclear as mud,

I am the fire in your brain; I share the good and ease the pain,

There I nest and there I sleep, I burrow fast, and bury deep…”


At first, you desire me. Just like any other drug you are drawn to me, and I to your desire. Then comes my favourite part, and we begin to dance. Light steps at first, treading carefully, so as not to press upon each others toes. Each shadow deftly avoiding the other. The smallest touch becomes electrifying, prickling at your skin, so that each hair stands on end in response. Then I would make my leave from you, stealing away into the night, not once looking back at you, until our next dance together.

My being will have left its shadowy imprint upon your brain. It will burn there, slow and steady. The worms of obsession, compulsion, possession. Will begin to bury and weave like fiery darts through your mind, until you are consumed with thought. Thoughts not purely of your own, but mine also. You will feel the tickle inside you as I creep under your skin. You will hear my whisper on the wind. You will feel my presence close to you. Dream of me, sucked down deep, within your unconsciousness.

Then you will begin to burn.

At first it is a pleasure. Like the silky warmth that enters your veins, cushioning you while free falling. The fall itself a great thrill. A full exhilarating tidal wave, one of which opens your senses truly, to all and everything around you.Your eyes will begin to see, all of which is around you. Your ears will hear that which they have not before. Every sensation will become so alert and sensitive, that it will overwhelm you, and you will taste me on your lips.

But. Like with every other drug, the comedown will be a harsh reprise. Your new found feelings will dull, that silken warmth in your veins will begin to itch, and the burn will become furious. Your need for me will spiral obsessively out of control, as you await your next fix. You will crave in ways you never knew possible, but I shall come to you, and abate that desperation. I shall brush soft against your skin. I shall speak of sweet lullabies in your ear. My touch will warm and calm you, relaxing you in measure. And with it, your urgency for me shall grow. In time that desire will evolve. It will become an obsessive compulsion. Drink in my words like wine. Let my very essence consume you. It is easy I assure you. Allow your desire to lead you, your love to cushion you, your lust to absorb you.

I, daughter of Succubus, wife of Hades, Ruler of the sense, am here to take you in. Let me guide your hand, drink in deep my blood. Let me live in your veins, your heart, your mind, your soul, your loins. Allow yourself to drink me in deeply. Feel my fire burn through your soul. I sit here; I live here, within you. No matter your attempts to purge me…

I remain.

Enter my world willingly and you will find the calm. The peace you seek. Fight me and pain will consume you. No drink will quench your thirst, No meat will sate your lust. No drug will heal your soul. Drink me in. exalt yourself and me. Let the fires reign, let the towers fall, let Jerusalem cry and weep within its droves.

I am burden. I am sin. I am heart. I am soul. I am love…absolute.

I see your sadness; I see your sin, your contempt, your distrust, your disgust, your love, your hate, your need, and your desire.

I see you.

Ah, yes. I know you didn’t want me to but I did and I do.


I see you.


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