Deep in the darkest pockets of our mind, sit memories.

Some of which are so dark, they continue to elude us. Casting gaps and space, but in those gaps sits a dark distinct sense of fear, terror, shame.

Yet no matter how hard you try, you cannot grasp them tightly enough to extract them to be understood. To process. to release them. Then suddenly, out of the blue something will trigger, and it takes you back in time. Far, far, back in time.

To the place in childhood, from where those dark pockets in time first formed. Sometimes you find slivers of images piercing your brain. Penetrating your memory, and that huge fall of heavy, weighted darkness descends into the pit of your stomach. triggering senses you could not possibly understand in such a young mind.

And as quickly as those feelings trigger, you find yourself back in the skin of your infant body. You begin to experience the devastation of innocence once more. Your fear, or rather absolute terror and despondency, hit like a large fist through your soul.

And in the blink of eye, you find yourself back in that adult body, with its adult mind and adult experiences. You know this is but a fleeting memory in time. One of which you are prevented from seeing.


For a short moment in time, you feel your innocence ripped away from you viciously, all over again. You relieve the rape of purity, and the molestation of Innocence.


Madame X



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