Ah yes, … The Cellist.

Luca was a member of a well-known string quartet that played regularly for royalty and the privileged.

And me.

A highly talented musician for one so young. A mere twenty-four years at the time of our encounter. Tall yet athletically built, with a mop of black hair that would hang in front of his face as he passionately played. Luca would often prefer to meet me at randomized locations, along with his passion came a distinctive paranoia of being discovered in any form of “compromising position” that may cost him his job.

When Luca first disclosed his fantasies to me, he did so with the greatest fear written across his face, and hung his head in shame as he sat in bed next to me.

It was so hard for me to listen as I stifled a laugh. The poor boy seemed to think his mind to be one of illicit desire and perverse fantasy. I took his hand, and assured him that nothing he had spoken of was of the devils doing, and instead assured him I would be more than happy to help in alleviating his “problems”.

The following day Luca arranged to meet me, this time somewhere I proposed. A derelict warehouse on the outskirts of the city. I had requested that we meet at midnight, to ensure as much discretion as possible, and upon arriving I tied a silk scarf around Luca’s eyes. I could feel him tremble with a mixture of fear and excitement as I did so.

I took him by the hand and led him inside. The room had been carefully equipped to meet my specifications, and I started by leading him through to the “cart-wheel” an oversized adapted Cart wheel, which held strong leather writs restraints and buckled harnesses. I pressed him back against the cold stone wall, and he inhaled sharply with surprise. I lifted his left arm first into the binding cuff, sharply strapping the leather around it, tightening the buckles just hard enough to smart against his skin. The second one bound as tight as the first. It was only then he opened his mouth to speak. “Quiet!” I snapped, I found myself smiling with amusement, as he quickly shut his mouth and smiled to himself.

I walked a few feet back to admire the image, while removing the confining skirts from around my waist. The layers of petticoat dropped to the floor in a flurry of lace and frills like a creamy puddle. As I stepped out of them, I smoothed the britches I wore underneath and tightened the lace of my corset. “Are you still there Madame?”. he sounded almost pitiable in his hidden panic. I did not answer him, but allowed the sound of my footfalls to reassure him of my presence, before crouching down and removing his shoes so he stood in bare feet upon the cold floor below. I then fastened each ankle into the lower restraints, fastening them as tightly as the ones that bound his wrists. His breathing and pulse quickened at this unexpected surprise.

“Here are the rules…” I stood straight, my hand on my hip admiring my own handiwork. “You will not speak unless asked a question.”, “You will not cry out, unless told to”, and lastly…”you will not address me directly, that is you answer yes or no. Are we quite clear?”

Luca nodded, “Say it!” I demanded, “Yes.”, I smirked at his reply – this was going to be fun.

I placed my trolley of toys to the left hand side of me, and selected a barber’s cut-throat razor as my initial plaything of choice. Luca had broken into a sweat by now, and I could tell that the restraints had begun to hurt. I moved towards him with my open blade, and placed one hand against his cheek as I leant in to whisper in his ear, while at the same time pressing the cool metal blade against his throat. Luca swallowed hard, his whole body trembling, and I could feel him harden against my body as I pressed against him. I very lightly traced his lips with mine, teasing him as his inclined his body towards me. In one sharp and swift movement, i moved the razor and swiftly sliced his shirt open. Luca breathed in sharply and gritted his teeth in anticipation. But instead I walked slowly away once more, so that he could hear the click of my heels on the floor below. Luca grew angry and aroused which is exactly what I wanted from him.

I did not wait that long before I walked back to him. But to Luca, bound and blinded it would have felt an eternity. I traced the razor slowly down his chest, down past his naval, until it sat just an inch into his trouser waist line. I took the material into one hand and sawed until it fell away, and sat just below his hips.There he stood, naked in all his glory, I dropped the razor to the floor and let the sound fill Luca’s ears as it did. Only then did I kneel and take him into my mouth. Ever so slowly at first, to the point of desperation from the young man who stood there unable to move. I allowed my lips to glide along him, until I had the whole of him inside me. Luca moaned as I allowed my teeth to gently graze him as I pulled my head backwards releasing ,my mouth and standing up. Luca started twisting and turning, trying desperately to free himself of his bindings. I had roused him to the point of agony. Now it was time for a new toy…

I selected an Ivory talon ring that the Doctor had acquired for me a few years ago. It was a beautiful piece of art. It had been hand crafted from the Ivory of an elephant tusk in africa, and bejewelled with a selection of emerald and rubies along its shaft. the talon was razor-sharp, and normally used by myself for the swift effect of slicing the jugular of unsuspecting punters who refused to pay. With Luca I had no plans to kill, but to bleed. And bleed him well I did. I sliced across his chest four times in quick succession, in breathed in and out rapidly, doing well to stifle his cries as I had demanded. The result was four beautiful rivers of scarlet blood that sat and glistened across his chest in pretty diagonal lines. I felt myself quickening, desperate to drink, but like my prey I stifled my desires, – instead driving my fingernails deep into the lines. this time Luca could not hold back his cries. He screamed out in pain and writhed, causing my nails to dig deeper into his now scarred flesh. He whitened rapidly and sweat beads began to profusely pour from his brow. I removed my hand and he gulped for air. his chest and belly expanding and contracting with each mouthful, and suddenly he began to sob quietly and as quickly as he began to cry a laugh replaced it.

I had planned on using a great deal many more toys, but I worried that the boy was in shock and did not want him dead at this particular time. I sighed silently to myself and cleaned my hand on a tea cloth that I had on the trolley. I had two options I thought to myself. The first being that I let him go, which would be highly tiresome to do given the effort and preparation I had put into this mutual endeavour, or I play the pleasure/pain game. A 50/50 of each instead of my planned 80/20.

In the end I opted for the latter, instead deciding that I would play this game in stages with Luca, after all he was only human and I do so hate it when I break my toys soon after getting them. Luca proved to be worth the time it took though. I had many fun play days with him during that season. But I will tell you more about them another time.

Madame X



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