What is he? I wondered to myself.

Here, in the midst of my own personal feeding frenzy in the forest, I come across a different savage from my own ilk. I can tell from his scent that laces itself on the tree’s and foliage around me. This is no human scent, nor animal… but still male. I dropped the infant child I had been feeding upon, to the ground. His small body fell limply like a rag doll upon the ferns below, and I made it my mission to find the enigma that drew on both my senses and my curiosities.

I could taste the scent as I drew closer, the air chilled around me and my thirst grew in intensity as I heard his heartbeat, raw and wild and fast. The forest dank and dark, surrounded in shadow, apart from the moonlight which darted and hid between the boughs above, and the utterances of the creatures of the night that immersed themselves in it’s protection. I could hear his blood race and hid myself beneath a group of overgrown tree roots that contorted like spiders legs.

There, in a small clearing near to the river, his head stooped to cup handfuls of water to his mouth. His face was hidden, by a mass of matted black hair which fell past his shoulders, twigs and moss entwined themselves in the knotted mess. he wore a dark shirt opened freely and dark brown trousers woven with criss crossed laces down either side of them. He looked human, from what I saw..but his scent was other worldly, like the smell of frost on a new winters morning, while laced with the scent of sex, mud and amber. He was delightfully vulnerable, or so I thought.

Given my bloodlust and the greed of the beast inside me, I made the mistake of presuming he would be an easy kill, I was wrong. He turned almost as soon as I made the decision to pounce. his face was swarthy but beautiful all at once, and his eyes of the clearest green I had seen, but he was far from afraid. He was ready for me. He grinned and poised low to the ground ready to attack like a scorpion dancing before piercing it’s prey, and oddly I found myself smiling back at him, just waiting for my moment to attack. We both lunged at the exact same time, and met mid air in a tangle of limbs and hair, before falling to the ground and rolling with gathering speed until we hit the same tree roots that had been my shelter only minutes before. I had managed to work my way on top of him, but not for long as he he out manoeuvred me and flipped me, and in a beat of his heart had me pinned underneath his weight, I was surprised at his agility, but far from worried. I grabbed a hand full of his hair and yanked it back hard, ripping a large portion from his scalp as I did so, he screamed in anger, and I scratched him along his pretty cheekbones before escaping his hold. But by that point I had already gained my freedom, and found myself a suitable perch up in one of the tree’s, which offered a great vantage point. The stranger moved quickly and eventually looked upwards to where I watched, and it was only once I allowed him to see me, did I make my move.

I dropped in a split second, landing onto his back. My nails digging into his warm flesh and  hooping under like a hawk’s talons embedding in it’s unassuming prey. He threw me back and forth, again and again and again, in his attempts to rid himself of me, but I clung ever the more tighter and sank my teeth into his neck. Imagine my surprise when no blood came, not even a single drop. In momentary confusion, I imagined that I could hear laughing coming from all sides of the forest, as I jumped down from the man of flesh and no blood. Landing stealthily in a side lunge, I scanned the foliage to make sense of the laughter I had believed I heard.

What was this beast? I had met many assailants in my time, some human, some beast, many otherworldly, but none of his kind. I could hear the rustle of the plants and tree’s as he did his best to run away from me, but still I could hear the laughter mocking me in pursuit of him. I ran like the wind, my speed increasing beyond what even I thought possible. This was what I had desired all along, not until it was too late was I aware of the man jumping upon me from the tree’s above. We rolled down the mossy banks until coming to a harsh stop against a large mass of boulders.

What was this? The man was indeed the same one who I had pursued, but not a mark was on his face. His clothes were un-torn and not a single puncture wound could be seen upon him. Both of us glared each other in the eye as his body pressed upon mine, neither of us blinked nor moved. It was then that our core nature took over. I gripped his waist tightly with my thighs and attempted to flip him over. (A useful trick in a brothel, especially with over eager patrons.) But he saw it coming and used his counter weight to keep me pinned. Not one to be humiliated or over powered by any man, I began to bite and tear at him with my free hand, but something was different…

As I tore into his flesh, red lines began to appear, blood began to drip from them. He winced and recoiled in pain and moved to grab my arms in an attempt to pin them behind my back, but he was clumsier and slower than I, and could only grab my left hand, which he proceeded to pin, (how cliched) and moved us to an upright position. My legs were still clamped to his waist, to ensure I could reach his face with my free hand. I felt alive for the first time in many years and in that moment it was clear he did too. But what he didn’t count on, was me suddenly releasing my grip only to fasten my thighs around his neck, which loosened his grip on my wrist as he tried to release my legs which were tightly squeezing his last breath out of him. He contorted and threw the both of us sideways. my head landed on a sharp rock, cutting my brow bone open. I could feel my own blood trickle down my head into my eyes, blurring the vision in my left. Before I could wipe it away from my sight line, he came at me again. This time with a large rock in his hand, and I knew immediately I had the advantage. Being male he had simply slipped backwards into the primate he had originated from. He threw his whole body weight into the blow, but I moved so quickly that all he hit was the floor in a dense thud. I launched myself on top of him, and bit again. this time penetrating his jugular. Blood began to spray in all directions covering my face and breasts in tiny red pearls. He grabbed at the wound site, gasping and gurgling as his life passed through him, in front of his own eyes.

Suddenly the mocking laughter that had once filled the air, turned to wails as the savage in front of me started to shake as his life slipped away.

Contented with my kill, my mind turned to our first meeting. Why had he not bled the first time? I knew that my teeth had sunk their full depth into his flesh, and yet here in front of me the same man, this time emitting a scarlet fountain from his wound. I had heard of tales regarding forest folk before, and seemed to remember a tale about “Doubler’s” A kind of fae, that was able to create replicates of themselves as a means to confuse their prey, while they moved in for the kill. Was this creature here a “doubler?” And if he was, what other fairytale creatures also lay in wait, within the woods?

His body now still and lifeless, lay in a growing pool of blood. I knew not what time it was, but I was certain that the dawn would start beckoning soon, so I turned myself around and started to make my way back to my home. Questions ringing in my ears, and my curiosity peaked. Where there is but one, there are many. And I required knowledge of them and their kind. Knowledge is power, there is no question about that. I want to know everything so I am prepared.

For what, I do not know. But I do know that something in there wants me, and wants me dead.



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